Our Story

Retro Polatin is a high-energy four piece dance band with a dynamic female singer fronting the group.  

Retro Polatin has returned to its roots,  playing vintage rock and roll. Early rock and roll was created by a mixture of country, blues,  swing and rhythm & blues. Whether you were there at the birth of rock and roll or joined the party later, it is always fun to hear this music.

Members of Retro Polatin have performed together and individually in  the Boston area for close to twenty years. They bring a high level of  musical energy and professionalism to every gig. With a huge song list  of 50's and early 60's hits, the band have just the right mix to keep  the crowd dancing and entertained.  



Retro Polatin gigs  


March 9 Hantos Ashland 9:00pm

June 1    Hantos Ashland 9:00pm

October 19 Hantos Ashland 9:00pm


March 31 Haverhill American Legion 8:00pm

May 28    Heritage Farm, Lowell 7:00pm

July 4       Bourne 4th of July Parade 10:00am

July 7       Hantos Ashland 8:00pm

July20      Natick Taproom  Lookout Farm 7:00pm

Aug 11      Private Anniversary Party

Sept 14.   Natick Taproom Lookout Farm 7:00pm 

Sept 15     Height Crossing Car Show Brockton 2:00pm

Sept 29    Sock Hop Cambridge 8:00pm


January 20  Master McGrath, Jamaica Plain 8:00pm   
February 25  Hanto, 380 Union St. Ashland 8:30pm
April 8  Heritage Framingham Private Party 2:30pm
May 25  Leominster Summer Concert Series 7:00pm Rain
June 10  "Leominster Stroll"  Down Main Street   3:00pm
June 19 Heritage Farms, and Car Show   Lowell  7:00pm
July 4th  Bourne Fourth of July Parade   10:00am
July 29  Hanto Restaurant, 380 Union St Ashland, 8:30pm
July 30  Dance2swing, 134 North Main St Leominster               
            6:30 dance lesson 7:30 Swing dance   $14
Sept 7   Northeastern "Groovy 60's Party"
Sept 14 Leominster Summer Concert Series 7:00pm


January 17 Dance2Swing 7:30pm
Marach 26 West St Tavern 8:00pm
April 16 West St Tavern 8:00pm
April 29 Knights of Columbus Tewksbury 8:00pm
June 4 Heritage Framingham 2:30pm
June 22 Weston Summer Concert Series 7:00pm
June 30 Leominster Summer Concert Series 7:00pm
July 4th, Bourne 4th of July Parade 10:00am
July 27 Hudson Summer Concerts 7:00pm
August 18 80th Birthday Party  4:00pm
October 9 Dance2swing 7:30pm


January 31 Terry O'Reilly's
February 20 Vincent's, Worcester
February 28 Amvets, Randolph
March 7 Terry O'Reilly's
April 24 Terry O'Reilly's
April 25 Sock Hop Squantum
June 5 Terry O’Reilly's
June 27 Anniversary Party N. Brookfield Gun Club
July 4 Bourne 4th of July parade 10:00am
July 16 Natick Center 7:00pm
August 9 Dance2swing 7:30pm
August 15 Terry O’Reilly's
September 3 Palmers Andover 8:00pm
Sept 5 Terry O’Reilly’s 8:00pm
October 24 Terry O’Reilly’s 8:00pm
October 25 Dance2swing 7:30pm
November 6 Vincents 8:00pm
November 7  Terry O’Reilly’s 8:00pm
November 20 Palmers 8:00pm


January 5th Dance2Swing
March 7th  Terry O'Reilly's, Newton Centre
March 15th  The Tavern, Framingham
June 15th  Dance2Swing
July 4th  Bourne 4th of July Parade
July 11th  Terry O'Reilly's
July 12th  US Shipmates (private party)
July 17th    Natick Senior Center (Mary Ann Morse)
July 29th  Holliston Summer Concert Series
August 18th  Heritage Farm, Lowell
September 6th  Vincents, Worcester
September 28  Dance2Swing
October 10th  Terry O'Reilly's
November 14th  Terry O'Reilly's
December 28 Shillman House, Framingham


March 3rd  Dance2Swing
March 27th  Natick Sock Hop
May 11th  Randolph Amvets Post 51
May 25th  The Rose Garden
July 4th  Bourne Parade
July 13th  Blair Square, Holliston
July 15th Heritage Farm Summer Concert Series 3
July 25th Natick Senior Center   (Mary Ann Morse)
September 22nd  Dance2Swing
November 19th  The Tavern, Framingham


January 15th  Dance2Swing
January 18th  New Pond Village “Beach Party” Walpole MA
March 16th  Natick Pegasus
March 24th  4’s Sports Pub
April 28th  Anniversary Party at the “Chateau” Norton MA
May 20th  Janice’s Birthday Party
June 23rd 4’s Sports Pub
June 30th  5 & Diner
July 28th  5 & Diner
August 18th  Randolph Amvets Post 51
September 28th  Chili Head Barbeque
November 3rd  4’s Sports Pub
November 24th  Randolph Amvets Post 51
December 23rd  Dance2Swing


January 15th  4’s Sports Pub
March 5th  The Auld Sod
April 9th  4’s Sports Pub
June 8th  Chili Head
June 25th  The Fireside
July 29th  Patriot Place (at Eastern Mountain Sports)
September 17th  5 & Diner
November 19th  4’s Sports Pub
December 31st  Antonia’s, Revere Beach


June 11th  Tammany Hall, Worcester
June 26th  The Auld Sod, Dedham
September 29th  Natick Pegasus
Oct 30th 2010 The Auld Sod, Dedham


March 4th  Hennessey’s, Quincy Market, Boston


Sept 4th  Cantab Lounge, Cambridge